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The Unified Marketing, Advertising & Data Decision Intelligence Platform

Purpose-built to deliver Speed to Value serving B2C and B2B marketers, agencies, publishers, and their enablers

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MADTechI | Secure, Scalable & User-Friendly

Why it Matters

47% of marketers say siloed, disconnected data is their biggest marketing data challenge.

Every day, you’re making choices about where to put your marketing spend. With MADTechAI, unify your data and leave the data wrangling, model-building and visualization to us — so you can focus on making better data-driven decisions faster that deliver real ROI.

MADTechAI | Growth Chart | Why It Matters

Getting usable data for your team can take weeks or longer.
With MADTechAI, get it in minutes or hours.

You can’t make smart decisions with data that’s days, weeks or months behind the curve. MADTechAI gives you up-to-the-minute metrics from every platform you use—in simple, intuitive AI-driven dashboards, scorecards, summaries, and plain English language Q&A.

Integrate all your data connect to all the tools you use and hundreds more

Eliminate data silos

Connect to all the tools you use — and hundreds more

Stop wasting time on data wrangling headaches. MADTechAI’s powerful extract, transform and load tools seamlessly integrate & harmonize all your data from hundreds of platforms into our secure warehouse — your new single source of truth, included at no extra cost.

  • Stop wasting time jumping between dozens of browser tabs – and more time on analysis and better decision-making
  • Plug in data from your CRM, marketing platforms, ad platforms, analytics tools and more – no IT support needed
  • Scale your data integrations as you grow without hitting a connection limit or needing IT support

Speed to insight

Access pre-built & custom data models, dashboards, and scorecards

Make better decisions, faster. Access hundreds of pre-built, AI-driven visualizations and reports built by teams with years of marketing, publishing, and agency experience. And get a 360º view of your entire marketing ecosystem, effortlessly.

  • Put your most critical metrics front and center with preset and custom KPI tracking
  • Instantly highlight opportunities and risks to your current plans and campaigns — and stay ahead of the competition
  • Get the data you need to prove ROI to internal and external clients instantly
Access hundreds of smart relevant user specific data models dashboards and scorecards
Get proactive decision intel

Decision intelligence for every team

Get real-time, AI-powered recommendations

Pinpoint your best opportunities with predictive and proscriptive AI-driven models, Smart Alerts and recommendations that go beyond traditional analytics — so you and your team can get more for your marketing spend.

  • Get scary-accurate projections of your campaign potential before you spend a dime and during campaigns
  • Move at the speed of the market with real-time rules based alerts on how your campaigns are performing
  • Optimize on the fly with AI-powered suggestions to reallocate budgets, refine targeting, and more

Out-of-the-box data science

Get an expert data science team by your side

Access hundreds of custom-built, specialized analytics models – supported by an expert team of data scientists, engineers, and veteran marketers. Don’t see what you need? We’ll work with you to create a custom-built model that meets your needs — quickly and affordably.

  • Choose from marketing mix models, medium mix models, optimizers, RFM models, customer lifetime value models, segmentation models, keyword analysis — and many more
  • Customize pre-built models to your exact needs with the help of expert data scientists and engineers
  • Optimize spend confidently — with attribution models that show what’s really driving conversions
Models are us

An all-in-one decision intelligence platform built for every team

Marketers and Agencies

Marketers and Agencies

Maximize your impact. Prove your ROI. Wow your clients. Get AI powered insights to track all campaign activity across your organization — so you can personalize your messaging and optimize spend.



Pinpoint your most responsive supporters and keep them engaged for the long haul. Personalize outreach, build deeper relationships, and use every dollar more efficiently and effectively to boost your mission.

Publishers and Enablers

Publishers and Enablers

Track campaigns across your organization — and reach your audience with cost-effective, laser-targeted precision. Use advanced segmentation, behavioral insights, and attribution to personalize at scale.

Organizations make smarter, faster decisions with MADTechAI

Stop burning cash on patchwork solutions. MADTechAI delivers unbeatable ROI from day one. And with ever-expanding capabilities at no extra cost, it’s the smartest investment you can make in your data-driven future.


ROI for a B2B marketer


annual savings in agency make-goods cost


revenue for a digital publisher


ROI for a digital publisher

Stop saying “we’re still waiting on the data.”

Start moving faster with up-to-the-minute insights.

  • Uncover hidden opportunities
  • Prove your impact with crystal-clear reporting
  • Make data-driven decisions with confidence
  • Start moving at the speed of the market
MADTechAI Connectors

Finally get more out of your data with the only AI-driven decisioning and intelligence platform built for today’s marketing teams.

  • Free white glove onboarding.
  • Expert-led integration and setup.
  • Free training for all new users.
  • 24/7/365 global support.

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