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MADTechAI™ is the Unified Marketing, Advertising, Data Intelligence and Decision Platform.

Purpose-built to deliver Speed to Value serving B2C and B2B
marketers, agencies, publishers, and their enablers.

Proven MADTechAI Platform Success

Marketer Success Icon Marketer Success
Fortune 500 B2B2C Franchisor gained the option to reduce by 90% time spent collecting, blending & pre-processing PII & non-PII data across channels and campaigns
Publisher Success Icon Publisher Success
Emerging B2C Digital Search Engine deployed comprehensive real-time inventory monetization, reporting and analytic system in days, not months
Agency Success Icon Agency Success
Established in-house Retail Media/Shopper Marketing agency reduces errors in-market to near zero while increasing in-market campaign performance optimization continuously
Enabler Success Icon Enabler Success
Growing B2C Data/Tech-provider cuts 100s of man-hours/mo while leveraging AI & alerts for instant Need-to-Know

Use MADTechAI to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

To Marketers, Agencies, Publishers and those that support them, few things matter more these days than saving time, cutting costs, and improving decision-making.
MADTechAI solves these problems:

 unifying and wrangling data icon
Wasting time unifying and wrangling data?
Catching planning, campaign, operating, and process
Catching planning, campaign, operating, and process underperformance/ errors in real-time before its too late with custom rules-based alerts?
underperformance icon
Persistent makegoods or campaign underperformance?
report-building and analysis icon
Suffering labor-intensive brand/ platform/channel/ campaign/customer model- & report-building and analysis?
 speed-to-insight and optimization
Need AI to accelerate speed-to-insight and optimization?

Introducing MADTechAI

Introducing the MADTechAI Platform

The MADTechAI Platform is your Single Source of Truth for better business decision-making. The Platform is cloud-based, supports real-and near real-time data and analytics, and is available on-demand. It is a no-code/low-code with no programming or certifications required. It is built for multi-tenancy, is highly secure, and can be customized and white-labelled. The Platform comes in three versions:

The MADTechAI™ Platform is cloud-based, supports real-and near real-time data and analytics, available on-demand.

The 10 Pillars of MADTechAI Architecture:

  • Data Sources (MarTech, AdTech and DataTech plus disparate data like sales, financials and operations)
  • iPaaS (Self-service data integration for streamlined operations which helps in data wrangling & transformations)
  • Data Warehouse (AWS cloud-based, multi-node, multi-core, virtually infinitely scalable, secure and catalogued)
  • Al (Conversational Al, Anomaly Detection, Machine Learning)
  • Data Science (comprehensive algorithms, statistical predictive models and sandbox)
  • Bl Visualizations (Enterprise and Campaign: Analytics, Data Visualization, Reports, and Alerts)
  • Web App (includes the GUI, Load Balancers, Gateway, etc.)
  • Marketplace (Access our partners’ services/plug-ins through MADTechAI)
  • Security (Where the platform is hosted, security protocols are implemented)
  • Global Support (24/7/365)
MADTechAI applies user role-based artificial intelligence (not generalized) in the following ways:
  • ELT/ETL/TEMS for advanced data unification and wrangling
  • Predictive Analytics and Anomaly Detection within models and dashboards
  • Plain English-based proscriptive recommendations
  • Plain English-based analytics-informed Smart Summaries
  • Plain English-based Q & A queries by platform and across brands, platforms, channels, campaigns, and creatives, and clients
MADTechAI has 500+ pre-built and customizable data integrations, models, dashboards, scorecards, and rules-based real-time alerts to support all stakeholders in the organization from C-suite to analysts and more, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and line operators, with need for comprehensive top-down and bottom-up data, information and actionable insight.

How MADTechAI Benefits You:

  • 200+ Secure Data Connectors, integrations constantly updated & monitored
  • Enterprise, Manager, Team, and Account-level Dashboards & Scorecards included
  • Fast AI-based natural language query and narration to reduce labor-intensive reporting and analysis
  • Multi-tenant Designer and Viewer account access
  • White-label and multi-tenancy options for any size organization and level of complexity
  • Benefit from real-time and near real-time data and processing at scale
  • Extensive available and affordable Technical Support and Managed Services teams
  • Low code/no-code and no certification
  • Attribute and optimize marketing performance across channels and campaigns
  • Secure, managed Data Warehouse included and staff available to manage it
  • Use built-in ETL/ELT, data hygiene and speed-enhancing data pre-processing Data Consolidation tools
  • Blend data supporting seamless integration; map person, household & device across PII & non-PII activities
  • Appealing, insightful visuals created rapidly & exportable to .pdfs and .ppt
  • Real-Time Rules-Based Anomaly Detection and Alerts Delivered via Email, SMS, Teams, Slack, etc. included
  • AI-Based Natural Language Narration & Q&A to better understand & document complex data models, data flow, transformations & relationships across the data journey, hindering effective collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Know and predict cloud resources, usage and associated costs
  • Identify and respond to data quality issues in a timely manner

Transform your organization with MADTechAI


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