MADTechAI Publisher/Enabler Suite

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MADTechAI Publisher Enabler Suite

Publishers and their data and technology providers (Enablers) are facing a whirlwind of change. Audience behavior is evolving at breakneck speed, advertisers demand pinpoint targeting, and traditional data analysis methods are struggling to keep pace.

Introducing the MADTechAI™ Publisher/Enabler Suite, the complete solution to meet the rapidly evolving data and analytic needs of publishers and enablers.

Publishers and Enablers Face A Sea of Challenges

Ad Delivery Optimization: Struggling to maximize ad revenue due to inefficient targeting and balancing user experience with ad viewability.

Pricing Strategy & Optimization: Leaving money on the table by not setting optimal ad inventory prices in a dynamic market.

Overlapping Strategies & Targets: Wasting resources and hindering campaign performance due to competing ad campaigns for the same audience.

Audience Overlap Analysis: Inability to identify audience overlap leads to ad fatigue and reduces campaign effectiveness.

Revenue Loss Due to Makegoods: Failing to deliver promised ad impressions results in financial penalties and strains resources.

Lack of Real-time Visibility: Outdated data hinders effective decision-making and prevents optimizing campaigns for maximum ROI.

Data Quality & Mismatch Alerts: Inconsistent data across systems leads to poor targeting, inaccurate reporting, and lost revenue.

Data Wrangling: Manual data processing consumes valuable time, delaying critical optimizations.

Advertiser Disconnect: Attracting high-value advertisers requires publishers to demonstrate authentic audience data and targeted reach.

Enabler Efficiency: Speed-to-value is crucial for enablers to help clients achieve their goals. White-labeled, customizable solutions and seamless integrations are vital.

The AI Revolution in Publishing

The MADTechAI™ Publisher/Enabler Suite is a power-packed platform that is custom designed for the industry and industry-related technology and data services providers to accelerate data and analytics delivery and decision-making.

Here’s how AI empowers publishers and enablers to leverage the power of data to grow, sustain and future-proof their business:

Seamless Data Management: MADTechAI™ Publisher/Enabler Suite automates data pipelines, cleansing, and preparation tasks. This frees publishers from manual drudgery and empowers them to focus on impactful strategies.

What Advertisers Crave: Publishers thrive on ad revenue, and advertisers seek cross-channel inventory, targeted reach, and affordable ad space. Authentic audience data is the key, and MADTechAI™ Publisher/Enabler Suite empowers publishers to attract high-value advertisers.

Deliver Speed to Value with AI: Speed is paramount for publishers and enablers to deliver client success, internal information flow, and operational controls. The MADTechAI™ Publisher/Enabler Suite offers:

  • White-labeled, customizable Software: Tailor solutions to each client’s specific needs.
  • Sophisticated Warehousing and Integrations: Seamlessly connect to existing data sources.
  • AI-powered Personalization: Deliver the power of AI to your clients.

Embrace the Future with MADTechAI™ Publisher/Enabler Suite

The publishing ecosystem is a data goldmine, but without a solid foundation, valuable insights remain hidden. MADTechAI™ Publisher/Enabler Suite unlocks the power of big data through:

  • Pre-built data pipelines to effortlessly unify data from disparate sources for holistic decision-making.
  • AI-powered Content Optimization with personalized recommendations for peak audience engagement.
  • Predictive Audience Engagement to Forecast audience preferences with machine learning, ensuring a future-proof content strategy.
  • Data Insights & Q&A Dashboards to uncover hidden gems with intuitive dashboards and conversational AI.
  • Holistic views across channels for informed and targeted decisions.

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Dive deeper into the MADTechAI™ Publisher/Enabler Suite in our latest whitepaper, to see how it solves publishers’ and enablers’ most pressing data and analytic challenges and empowers them to thrive in the age of data.

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MADTechAI Publisher/Enabler Suite

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