MAdTechBI™ Marketer/Agency Suite

Marketer Suite

MAdTechBI Marketer/Agency Suite is the unified data platform built with Agency needs in mind. The MAdTechBI Marketer/Agency Suite connects to all your marketing channels, allowing you to review total performance in one location. The Marketer Suite features dashboards created to answer common marketer questions that provide insight into optimization of the media mix, channel performance, creative insights, and share of voice analysis. MAdTechBI can also connect to your CRM system, financial data, and task management solution streamlining your workflow for day-to-day business.

For Marketer and Agency, MAdTechBITM delivers a full Campaign Business Intelligence and Data Integration solution across your Advertiser Ad Servers, Premium Publisher Campaign Reports, DSPs, Ad Viewability, Media Conversion, Web Analytics, DMP and other ad technology systems. MAdTechBITM integrates data from campaign delivery and management systems providing you a unified cross platform analysis:

  • Ad Servers: DCM, Xandr, etc.
  • DSPs: AdX, Xandr, Google, Trade Desk, etc.
  • Publisher supply: DFP, OAS, etc.
  • Ad viewability and brand safety MOAT, IAS, DoubleVerify
  • Social: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat
  • CDPs/DMPs:, Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, Lotame
  • ESPs, CRM, databases, and many more offline, data warehouse, and digital data sources

Marketer & Agency Solution

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