7 Advantages of Onshore-Offshore Media and Marketing Operations

The world of onshore-offshore outsourcing tech-enabled media and marketing managed services and business processes offers numerous benefits to those who seek its rewards, these include:


  1. Greater Focus

The work you send offshore managed by iSOCRATES gives you and your team greater focus on what matters most: value-producing work that remains in the U.S. or elsewhere. You can offload to us critical, but oftentimes nuisance work that takes away from where your team and your own effort might be better spent. Imagine how much more you will accomplish by narrowing your attention to the key growth drivers of your business.


  1. Pre-Built Playbooks and Expert Teams

iSOCRATES has numerous highly developed and tested outsourcing plans as well as heavily documented processes to smooth and accelerate your transitions. Of critical importance is that we have already assembled and closely manage–using our proven blend of onshore and offshore industry experts-in a 24/7/365 workforce with skills and grades of talent that can consistently meet your specific needs. Doing this work in highly developed nations can be a challenge to sustain, especially with: a) Both more basic, tedious work, and b) Often harder to afford, recruit and retain specialists with higher-level, specialized skills.


  1. Use Our Tech or Yours, Some or All

Organizations may have their own technologies or 3rd party licensed software for which they may have already contracted or wish to do so. Others may not have their own technology and have not or prefer not to contract with 3rd parties like: Google, Salesforce, Adobe, AppNexus(ATT), Marin, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Facebook, and others. iSOCRATES is pleased to use your instances of these or to provide access to our own proprietary technologies and licenses to these and other 3rd party platforms. The key here is to make sure your outsourcing partner is flexible, both in the early days and later on.


  1. Better Communication and Oversight

Improved organizational communications and process/project oversight. How is this possible? At iSOCRATES we take pride in making sure your local, onshore iSOCRATES Partner Success Team, professionals with deep, relevant experience, becomes a close extension of your organization and its methods. These are the trained professionals with whom you and your team will be spending the vast majority of your time and in whom dependability is expected. Our goal is for you and your needs, interests and priorities and the cultural nuances of your markets to be fully understood and embraced. Our performance and your total satisfaction is paramount.


  1. Save Time, Use Time More Effectively

Being open for business around the clock compresses time so that work is getting done while you and your U.S. team are doing other things like not working, sleeping, taking time off, etc. In effect, this is time arbitrage wherein you get the advantage of a workforce multiplier: get twice the work done each week. This can mean different things to different organizations, but it is not hard to imagine getting faster, more detailed reporting and analysis, faster optimization, and/or faster error identification and correction. Expect increases in workforce productivity and achieve better decision-making faster as you add a new weapon to your arsenal: competing on time.


  1. Save Money from Day One

You will save money from Day One as comparable labor costs in an onshore-offshore delivery model is a fraction of what they are in North America-only delivery systems. Once we understand your specific needs (which should be straightforward), will we know how much. Our partners report all-in savings of 50% or more, including our outstanding iSOCRATES team supervision and partner success, onshore and offshore combined working in lock-step.


  1. Make More Money

You will make more money either because you are spending less on those aspects of the operation that have been outsourced to iSOCRATES and/or because we have helped you to find new sources of revenue and profit through better business practices like: improved execution, performance optimization, reducing operations waste, applied business and market intelligence, or better yield management resulting from realizing higher fill rates and prices.

Tried offshoring before, or not yet, and still unsure?

Let’s have a call, iSOCRATES will produce a no obligation needs analysis, and generate a detailed proposal for your review. Should you wish to do so, there are plenty of satisfied iSOCRATES partners with whom you can speak and for whom we have piloted successful tests that have grown into game changing solutions for partner organizations. Take advantage of our decades of relevant experience and let it work for you.


Whatever course of action you take, make sure you maintain control and achieve and sustain contractual and operational transparency at all times.  At iSOCRATES, we urge you to trust, but verify.

How can we partner to create value for you?

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